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From ancient times in Japan, when building a house, it has been said, "if summer is well, all is well." This tells of how severe the heat and humidity can be during the summer in Japan. Traditional homes evolved with wide eaves and large, airy openings in order to provide for better air circulation throughout the house, easing the discomfort. However, swarms of insects could enter and disturb inhabitants from a good night's sleep.
About 2000 years ago, the original form of "Kaya" - a net trap form of mosquito netting - was first introduced from China, and thereafter Kaya in woven hemp was ingeniously developed in Japan.
As modernization advanced, aluminum sash became a common screening material for windows and doorways. Then, as air conditioning came into wide use, Kaya drastically began to disappear. Nevertheless, the delicacy and healing effect that Kaya provides are hard to renounce. Sometimes, we may desire to fling a window wide open and to feel the natural blessing within Kaya.
We now bring Kaya back to life as today's space product, and are pleased to introduce this invaluable sleeping space to people around the world. We encourage all to experience the wisdom and natural sensibility of Japanese and Eastern culture.
KACOON is a space product providing a new form of the traditional Kaya. KACOON consists of a tetrahedron made of 2700mm x 2700mm woven hemp cloth, with ridgeline frame structure. Triangular cushions are placed inside to facilitate a comfortable nap or relaxing teatime with a few close friends. Both structure and cushions can be folded and placed in the provided storage bag for convenience and superb portability.
KACOON represents the evolution of Kaya beyond its original function. More than just a mosquito netting, KACOON creates a unique spatial experience, a microcosm of human society, embracing our mind and nature within its gossamer form.

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