Sleep well and your life will blossom

we are KIKUYA

A master at making flowers is a master at making soil.
In order for beautiful flowers to bloom in our lives, we need a good sleep environment that supports sleep.

We, Kikuya, propose a better way to sleep from Japan.

Industrial revolution using hemp


We humans have experienced three industrial revolutions in the past 500 years.

The first industrial revolution using coal and coke in the 18th century.
The second industrial revolution using oil and naphtha in the 19th century, and then,

The third industrial revolution using nuclear power and uranium that could lead to the destruction of mankind in the 20th century.

And now, in the 21st century, mankind is on the cusp of the fourth and greatest industrial revolution.

It is an industrial revolution that utilizes hemp, a plant resource, and is friendly to humans and the earth.

Sleep revolution using hemp


“Sleep” was treated with reverence as an absolute necessity and the only gateway to the sacred.

However, since the “industrial revolution” of the 18th century, it has fallen victim to the quest for progress and productivity.

Edison, the leader of the industrial revolution, even said, “It’s foolish to sleep. I’ll sleep a lot after I die.”

For a while, we thought that we humans ruled over nature, but the time has come when we realize that we are living under the providence of nature.

If we do not get enough sleep, we will suffer terrible repercussions.

If we sleep poorly, we will not be happy.

Let us cherish our sleep.

Now that the fourth hemp industrial revolution is happening, let us start the sleep revolution ourselves.

Hemp changes your sleep


Hemp a plant resource, is a sustainable, human- and earth-friendly resource with more than 25,000 effective ways to make people happy, unlike fossil fuels .

Hemp is a plant that is kind to people and the earth.


Hemp, which has been familiar with people’s lives since the Jomon period 10,000 years ago in Japan, is a natural material that matches the three “S”. The “three S’s” are Soil, Soul, and Society.



Hemp is also great for the “natural environment”.

It grows quickly without pesticides and has more than 25,000 uses.

In Japan, hemp is deeply related to religious beliefs, and has become the heart of the people.

If you use hemp, which is the heart of your heart, for bedding, you should be able to sleep soundly with peace of mind.

By using hemp, which is a material for restful sleep, the quality of sleep is improved because hemp has the following characteristics.

Characteristics of hemp as a material for restful sleep

  • ・A refreshing effect that quickly absorbs moisture and releases it to the outside.
  • ・Antibacterial effect that keeps you clean at all times.
  • ・Deodorant effect that suppresses unpleasant odors.
  • ・Outstanding thermal conductivity keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

etc…. Hemp is a plant fiber that is friendly to people and the earth.


kikuya hemp products

【1】kuya hemp bedding

bedding prpdaucts

Since hemp is a porous fiber,

It is highly breathable and thermally conductive, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Mosquito nets, as well as pillows, blankets, sheets, and other bedding are the perfect material.

【2】Curtains, tapestries, interior goods

Curtains, tapestries, interior goods

The “effect of making space more comfortable”, which has been proven in mosquito nets made from hemp and karami weave, is also used for curtains, tapestries, etc.

【3】hemp clothes

hemp clothes

Hemp is softer than ramie or linen and is a material that blends well with the skin, making it suitable for underwear.

Furthermore, there is no need to apply chemical processing. A lot of good enzymes are contained in the micropores of the fiber itself, and it has antibacterial and deodorizing effects because it does not allow bacteria to live.

The material is suitable for delicate skin.


【4】Kikuya’s brand loharth

Kikuya's brand Roarth

Utilizing the material of hemp, we asked Kyoko Yagi for the design

Combining the two words “lohas” and “earth”  Launched the Kikuya brand “loharth”.

【5】Products with UV cut effect

Products with UV cut effect

Hemp has a UV protection rate of over 95%.
“Silk: 84%”, “Cotton: 68%” and “Linen: 56%” have the highest sunscreen effect among natural materials.
We have commercialized hemp hats, parasols, masks, etc., taking advantage of this superiority of hemp.
The natural antibacterial and deodorant properties of hemp have also been added, further improving the functionality of the hemp mask.


Manufacturing starting from hemp yarn

From hemp pillows, hemp sheets, hemp blankets, hemp mosquito nets that create a comfortable sleeping space,

Furthermore, I am convinced that hemp is the material for creating a healing room, home, region, country, and ultimately the whole earth, and an environment where people can sleep peacefully.

May the world be peaceful and people happy and sleep well through the use of hemp

in the days of my grandfathers and great-grandfathers

“Silk threads become warships”
And Japan began to walk the road to war.

in the days of my children and grandchildren

“Hemp thread transforms into peace, happiness, and good sleep.”


To achieve this, Kikuya participated in the Hemp Expo 2022, praying for the promotion and development of the hemp industry.

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