「蚊帳」を英語で言うとモスキートネット(mosquito net)となりますが、菊屋は単なる蚊よけ虫よけの蚊帳だけでなく、安眠のためのスリーピングネット(sleeping net)を中心に、ムカデ対策の(safty net)、癒しのヒーリングネット(healing net)、さらには祈りのプレイニングネット(praying net)をつくり続けています。


2004年7月 ひらがなタイムズ



The mosquito net used to be a common sight in the Japanese summer but disappeared for a long time due to the introduction of air-conditioners.Now they are making comeback.Mr.Osamu MISHIMA has contributed to the revival of mosquito nets.He owns a store called“KIKUYA”in Iwata clty,Shizuoka prefecture,Which is also home to Jubilo Iwata,a fbotball team in the J-1eague.

蚊帳の復活 火付け人 菊屋の三島


 Mr.MISHIMA took over a futon (bed)shop from his father who has passed away,but at that time futon shops had already lost their appeal.He began selling products just after the start of the internet boom in 1997.While he seldom sold mosquito nets from his shop,they sold like hotcakes over the internet.
This caught the attention of the massmedia and they were featured onTV,radio,newspapers and magazines.


蚊帳の研究 どうして復活できたか?


 MISHIMA joked,“It is a mosquito NET.That is why
it is suitable for the interNET” The Management Department
of Shizuoka Industrial Universlty and Iwata clty jointly
conducted research into “Why have mosqulto nets sold
so well?” The research was based on a questionnaire
completed by approximately 1,700 people who purchased
mosqulto nets at Kikuya in 2001 and 2002.

 Results from the survey showed typical mosquito net
buyers are “City-dwellers between 20 and 40. They prefer
the natural environment to artificial environments with
air-conditioners and purchase rather expensive items
if they are worthwhile.” It was also discovered
mosquito nets were not only purchased to protect against
insects,but also for their ability to cool rooms uslng
a natural breeze and a desire to create a closer family
atmosphere. If you only want protection fom insects,it
is cheaper to buy a mosquito repelling spray.


Welcome to the inside of a mosquito net


 Mosqulto nets are becoming known as more than just a way
to protect against mosquitoes. They are also being noted
as a tool to create space to make families feel closer,
elderly people feel nostalgic, and as a fresh and
practical interior accessory for young people.
The mosquito net was part of the image of a Japanese
room,but recently mosquito nets for beds are selling
well. Kikuya provides a wide variety of items inresponse
to clients varied requests. They range from forelgn
mosquito nets to poles that allow mosquito nets to
be used in apartments. They claim their variety is
the best in Japan.



Mr.MISHIMA,Who created this boom,says with a
laugh,”I am thinking I have been given a present
from God. In the beginnlng I confused Home
pages with Hello pages and Yellow pages. As I
had many requests from customers for mosquito
nets,I met their needs.Then it worked.When I
planned something,it went wrong・Now I wish I
could save the world a little with mosquito nets.”



 Mr.MISHIMA wrotea book titled “Welcome to inside
a mosquito net”(distributed by Booking).
The mosquito net is a symbol of the peaceful
soul of Japan since lt protects you without killing
insects. In the book he describes his experiences and
observations about mosquito nets. This book ,which
you might say is about‘mosquito net culture” is very


どうぞ蚊帳の中へ 三島治著

 For your infbrmation,the writers penname is
Osamu MISHIMA. Mr.MISHIMA says it is acombination
of the names of some of Japaneas most famous writers
-Yukio MISHIMA and Osamu DAZAI. Mr.MISHIMAs business
may soon reach out to the foreign market. You can
purchase mosquito nets from the web site below.